Friday, August 3, 2007

Anatomy of a Custom Sofa

Hot off the workroom floor is this lovely custom built sofa. This piece was made to the exacting specifications of a successful Massachusetts designer and her equally exacting client. This piece was designed to be used as a banquette for the table in the clients' newly renovated kitchen. Set within a niche and a curved shelf, the sofa was templated on site so that it would fit perfectly within the space.

Here are some images of the making of this lovely piece.

Spring coils are attached to a base of strong webbing for a supportive and comfortable seat.

The springs are then hand tied together . Wrapped coils are applied to the back as is coconut fiber - an all-natural product - for padding.

The fabric - in this case a soft tapestry chenille - is applied. The skirt is fully lined, the arms well padded and comfortable and the back is tufted.

Although this piece of furniture was designed to fit into a niche, it will be usable for years to come in any location the homeowners look to put it.

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